Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Serious Question

What if there were auto-rickshaws in America? I mean, not just the vehicles, but the drivers as well? What would America be like? One big racetrack, I think. Naturally, autos are a little slower than cars, but they are still considered a useful tool. And on the ever-so-smooth roads of America, they’d be in heaven!


The lanes in America wouldn’t have any meaning anymore, and the streets would look something like this:

 Or this:

An insider's view:


What about the drivers themselves? What would they be like in America? They would have to compete with taxis, but the public transportation situation in America would be boosted by about 500%. What if we brought these back:



These are just questions, but I think it’d be a funny world if we had auto-rickshaws in the States. Feel free to post comments about what you think it would be like! I want to know! 

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Skittles said...

First of all, LOVE the Auto Rickshaw Anatomy. Looove it.
Second of all, I can't really imagine what would happen if we had these buzzing around in America. Actually, down by Navy Pier, there are a very few contraptions like the rickshaws, but they're they kind attached to bicycles, I think, and they'll go beyond the Pier from what I understand, but it's really expensive.
It's funny to think about. I'd like to see how they'd compete with motorcycles and the bike messengers on the road as much as the taxi's for business.
Not very coherent or helpful thoughts, but musings, I suppose. At any rate, thanks for sharing - fun to imagine.