Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Trip to India Part 1 and Some Background

I am in Frankfurt, Germany.


The day of departure snuck up on me so fast! It still does not feel like anything has happened. I left home at around 12:15 PM on Tuesday, and my flight departed at 4:00 PM. Everything went by very smoothly, and so far my trip has been relatively smooth too. I had a window seat and nobody sat in the seat next to me on the way to Frankfurt, and I think I will have the same seat going to Delhi. Our flight leaves in a little less than two hours. Not much more to report for now, but a great adventure awaits.


I will be joining my uncle in Noida, Uttar Pradesh when I arrive. I will stay with him for about a week before going to Sringeri, Karnataka where my real studies will begin. Let me recap and give you some background before I continue posting on this blog. I went to India from December 2007 to May 2008 to study abroad. My purpose was to study Ayurvedic medicine, or at least get an idea about what it is. I realized, and was rightly informed, that before pursuing any ancient Indian study, one must have a working knowledge of Sanskrit (for his or her pursuit to be successful). So I started studying Sanskrit. Over the course of the 6 months that I was there, I studied in environments where the medium of instruction was Sanskrit, and many times Sanskrit was the only language that I had in common with the people there. I became fluent in the language and realized that the benefits of studying it further were immense. Thus I decided to pursue Sanskrit instead of Ayurveda, because by studying Sanskrit I could gain access not only to Ayurveda but also to all the ancient scriptures of India, for they are all written originally in Sanskrit. There is so much knowledge hidden in these scriptures, a whole world of information yet to be explored and discovered by modern students. My intention, therefore, was to find the secrets hidden in these texts.


Now, I am going to India to study Sanskrit for one year under the tutelage of a Guru. I will be studying at Sringeri Vidyapeeth, also known as the deemed-to-be Sringeri branch of National Sanskrit University. My studies will take me to the next level of understanding of Sanskrit, whereby I will hopefully be able to read these ancient texts on my own without help. Where my quest will take me from there I have yet to discover, but it will be a wonderful journey.


This quest is what I will update you on along the way.

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