Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Word “Explore”

The word explore is my favorite word, because to explore implies no motive behind an action. When you explore, you are not looking for any one thing in particular, you are not focused on the goal. You then start to enjoy the journey, which is as it should be. Exploring gives one a sense of adventure. When you are searching, and not exploring, then you are looking for a goal.


“Searching for the Truth,” which so many of us are eternally caught up in, for example, is a goal-directed movement, which will inevitably wipe out all enjoyment in the process. But if one is exploring the nature of Truth, then it is not a seeking of Truth (because the Truth is the Truth! It’s not going to change, or go away), but rather a movement that expands one’s own awareness, in which there is immense, immense joy.


Why should one explore, though? Because to explore is to have fun. To explore is to be young again (if you’re not already), pretending you’re on a safari and exploring the jungle or playing a video game and exploring some fantasy world. Except you’re not pretending. Explore your surroundings, there is so much more there, always, than meets the eye. Or the ear. Or the nose. Explore what it means to explore.


…And above all, enjoy the journey, because it is in the journey that the joy lies. Not in the goal.


To be engaged in exploration is to enjoy each moment in life. Start exploring today! Start exploring now!


Enjoy your moment!

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Shivani said...

this entry is nuts!! in the best way in the honey-roasted peanuts kind of way. the word explore does imply so much greatness, and i'm glad that you took the time to analyze it. i completely agree that it's the journey that makes something meaningful, not necessarily the goal. eeeek you're amazing in life. k byeee