Saturday, March 8, 2008

Quest 13: Upendra Mahodaya

When I had arrived in Varanasi, I had called a contact that I was given by Sanskrit Bharati who I was told would arrange a Sanskrit-speaking environment for me when I moved closer to BHU in April. The contact, named Sanjeev Mahodaya, (mahodaya is not a last name, it is a title, like Mr. or Mrs., which means “sir”), arranged for me to stay in the apartment/office of another mahodaya, whose name is Upendra. He lives in the apartment, which has been converted to an office for Sanskrit Bharati. So I called Upendra Mahodaya, and he had told me to come over to check out his place and stuff. I figured this would be the best opportunity to do it, since we were already out. So I called him and let him know that we were coming. He said no problem, and he would be waiting. So Dad, Satish Mahodaya, and I made our way to Upendra Mahodaya’s apartment, and when we got there, he greeted us nicely. I liked the guy already, he seemed really friendly and not much older than me, so I was in good spirits. There was another man there, who apparently was another teacher for Sanskrit Bharati. He didn’t live there, but he had just come to greet me as well. I was pretty happy! A group of friends already. They showed us around, and I saw the room I would be staying in. It is an apartment-turned-office/classroom. The living room has a “front desk” as you enter, where they sell books and I guess register people for classes. Then inside there is a little split, where to the right is one room, and to the left is another split with a room on the left and a kitchen on the right. In the middle of the first split is a bathroom. The room on the left is where I will be staying, and that room is actually a classroom, filled with desks (well not filled, but the walls are lined with them). I was excited that I would get to have a new experience of sleeping in a classroom! Through it’s just a room in real life… anyways, we chatted a bit and then took their leave.


This is where we parted with Satish Mahodaya, because I was going to BHU again and he was going home. I assured him we would meet again and he said we definitely would, because he would be in Banaras for the next year or so. (Yes!)


Quest definitely successful!


It was off to BHU for me again…

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