Thursday, March 6, 2008

Quest 11: Durga Mandir and Durga Kund

After exiting the Hanuman mandir, we made our wait to the Durga mandir, which is also on that side of the city. (Same side as BHU). As we entered, I felt a strange sensation in me rise up, more because of my own thoughts than because of the place. I somehow felt a strange connectedness, not to anything in particular, but with the thought of Durga Mata in my mind I felt… complete. It was interesting, and not something I can fully describe by writing about it, but I felt good. We offered our prayers, and moved away from the altar. As we moved away, my dad said, “I have to show you something.” I followed him and he took me to a small window in the mandir that looked out across a huge square pool. The water inside it was a dirty green. I immediately recognized it as Durga Kund, which is a big pool for bathing in the name of Durga essentially. My dad said that people used to go to bathe there when he was in college at BHU… But nobody bathes in it anymore. Sad. We can see that this as a product of the insensitivity that people display when littering or when throwing sewage into any pool of water…


…Anyways, quest successful nonetheless.

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