Monday, February 4, 2008

Quest 7: Cellphone and (Finally) Wireless Internet

[edit - my number IS actually 9741231907]

This morning Ashwin Mama and I went down to the market to get me a cellphone. It was the easiest cellphone purchase I have ever made. Simply pay for the device and a simcard, and then put some cash into your phone and you’re set to go! When you are close to running out of cash on your phone, simply recharge it by calling their helpline and entering your card number! Incoming calls are all free, incoming text messages are also all free. How cool is that? In America that is absolutely not possible. It’s called “double-dipping.” The companies not only charge the person sending the text message but the person RECEIVING the text message as well! They not only charge the caller but the person he or she calls as well! How cheap! I am surprised we haven’t done something about that already… over here there’s no charge for incoming anything. And I asked Ashwin Mama why they don’t charge for incoming stuff, and he said “Why should they charge for incoming SMS? Or for incoming calls? That makes no sense, Varun.” And I was like, “Ohhhh man wait till you hear about how it is in America… In America, they charge both sides of the call or SMS!!” He was as shocked at this as I was when I found out how it works in India. Anyways so within 5 minutes it was up and running, we tested it and everything and it was all good. If any of you want to call me, my number is 9741231907 (I think). First you have to dial 0 for an international call, then 11 for India, so it should look like this – 0119741231907. But I’m not entirely sure – and I don’t know how to check what my own number is… oh well. Give it a shot if you want (dare)!


Later, I went with him to his office because from there we were going to go get me wireless Internet. We went to the Tata Indicom store, and there we found what we were looking for, but they did not have simcards in stock so they said to come back in the evening to get it. To make a long story short, we did just that, and got me a wireless Internet device. But still it did not start working right away; they said it would start working about 24 hours after activation. The day went by relatively quickly, and this story (the Internet one) just isn’t worth telling. But just so everyone knows, I have a device that will work on my computer! (My MAC!!) Mission complete…


…And there was much rejoicing. (“Yaaaaay.”)

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