Saturday, February 2, 2008

Adventure 5: Bangalore

Yesterday (February 1st) around 7:00 PM, we arrived in Bangalore. The weather is beautiful here! Around 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime, and maybe 70 or 75 at night. We have to turn on the fans when we sleep! My mom, my grandma (mom’s side), and I were picked up at Bangalore’s airport (I don’t know it’s name, but I’m guessing it’s just Bangalore Airport) by my mom’s cousin, Ashwin Sharma (I call him Ashwin Mama –> Mama = mom’s brother) and his daughter (my cousin) Stuti. Stuti’s a year and a half old, I think.


Now here’s the funny part: there were 5 of us and his car is a 5 seater, but along with the 5 of us there was luggage. And in India, the cars don’t really have trunks. So we had to fit two huge luggage bags (the hard kind) and 3 roll-on or carry-on bags into the car with us. He lives about 5 minutes (or less, he said that you can walk the distance) from the airport, but the ride seemed like ages. It was Ashwin Mama driving, me and my mom in the passenger seat, my grandma and Stuti in the back, and the two huge bags in the back with them (we were able to fit the little bags into the “trunk”). Now imagine me and my mom in the front seat. Neither one of us can sit in the other one’s lap. We somehow managed to squeeze ourselves into the car like sardines for the 5 minutes… this kind of thing can seriously only happen in India (or by Indians, one time I remember at SLU there were 14 of us Indians in a Saturn Ion… woo go Freshman year)!


We were taken up to his apartment (without luggage, thank God – we were going to make a trip down later to get all the bags) and when we got there we all just sat down with a comfortable amount of individual space for a while. It was a comfortable first night in Bangalore though, Ashwin Mama’s apartment is relatively spacious…

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