Sunday, January 6, 2008


Hey everyone, I'm sorry for not posting everything right as it happens, my internet access is very very limited. I am presently in Gurgaon, in Uttar Pradesh, and tomorrow I am leaving for Kashmir. I don't know what the situation will be with internet there, so I can't promise anything right now. But what I CAN promise is that when I get back from Kashmir you will all get to read every update I have written so far! I have written a lot I assure you; but I have not brought my laptop with me for the past 2 days (which is where every other update is) so I cannot put those up yet... but when I get my laptop back I will put it all up. I promise, and I'm so sorry! Thank you for your comments!! I miss you all right now a great deal, despite the ridiculous amount of fun I have been having. Please keep checking, but right now I'll tell you to check after 4 days! Thanks again!! Much love to all!

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