Thursday, December 13, 2007

Test and Genesis

So I'm starting this blog for those of you who are interested in keeping up with what I'm going to be doing in India. So far I have been told by enough people to start a blog that I'm finally doing it! Of course, I will not update until I'm actually in India or about to go there, so don't expect anything until around Christmas. But after that I will as often as I can update you all about what is going on! I hope you enjoy this as much as I will! This entry is just a test for this website, I guess. I'm going to try to add a couple of pictures, see if it works and whatnot.

For those of you who don't know much about India and its geography, I'm including a link to a map so you can get to know it... That way, when I post about some new place I went or something like that, you can quickly refer back to the map to check it out!

OK!! It works!! Great. Well then, I guess that's it for now!



Jessie said...

hey! i'm so excited for you =) so i decided that i'd be first to comment on your blog..because it's so amazingly awesome! have funnnn

ekta said...

Varun, this is a very informative blog esp. for those who would like to discover and learn about India, and with your help we can travel and see India from your eyes. Thanks for quenching our quest..:)

Keep up the good work!!

Looking forward to c some pix too