Sunday, December 23, 2007

Quest 2: Finding Stuff

It was a freezing day today, no doubt below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, but mom and I decided to make a trip to the mall to find some stuff for the trip. This included stuff for me, stuff for her, and gifts for people we were going to see over in the motherland. On our way to the mall, we realized that since it's the last weekend before Christmas, there would be TONS of traffic. And sure enough, there was a good 7 or 8 minute wait to even get into the parking lot, let alone park and get inside! There were almost 40 mph gusts of wind today, so as we were walking into (and also out of) the mall we were blown away by the 20 degree wind (that felt like zero degrees)! When we were done shopping, though we weren't done, it was a moment of relief because we accomplished a good chunk of our quest. I still need maybe one more pair of jeans which I'll check Old Navy or Wal-Mart out for tomorrow. That will complete Quest 2!

Which leaves Quest 3 for now...

A couple of days ago, I received in the mail a book that I have to read as part of my coursework in India. This book is called Banaras: City of Light by Diana Eck. It is for my "Cultural Geography of Banaras" class. I've started reading it and so far it is absolutely marvelous... She writes so well and accurately! The book is about the cultural geography of Banaras, which means the locations of the cultural hotspots (like temples and such). She provides a great history lesson too, and so far I'm loving the book. If anyone is interested in learning about the holy city I'm going to, read this book. Two thumbs up! I highly recommend it. Reading this book is Quest 4, for as I read this book I'm supposed to come up with a final project to do based on what I like about the city, which will complete the course. What this means is, when I actually explore the city based on what I learn from the book, (in other words, I will be exploring the city guided by the hotspots Diana Eck outlines in the book), I am supposed to come up with a topic for a paper to write at the end of my stay in Banaras. I think my theme will be Shakti temples (temples for the Goddess, or the eternal Mother). The Mother is my chosen deity, or the one that my mind most readily strays towards. So having that as the theme of my trip (and temples for Durga - the name of the deity - are very salient in Banaras) would make exploration a really worthwhile quest!

Any other suggestions or questions? Feel free to comment!! In fact, I encourage it. It will really help/guide me on my quests.

Countdown until takeoff: 5 days.

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