Sunday, December 30, 2007

Adventure 1: 543 Gateshead Drive, Naperville, Illinois, USA to D-103, Sector 40, Noida, India (Continued)

We arrived at around 11:45 PM yesterday, ate dinner, and chatted for a while. Such is life in India. You chat, have chai (tea), and then go about your business. I don’t drink chai, but I make do with water. D-103, Sector 40, Noida is my uncle’s house (my dad’s oldest brother). It is a mansion-type residence, 4 stories and an in-home theater. And when I say theater, I don’t mean just a surround-sound system, I mean a full-out hall with a massive projector and seats and everything! This house is ridiculous. Our rooming assignment was on the second floor, next to my cousin’s family (who were already here when we arrived). Mom and I unpacked nicely and got around to sleeping by 2:45 AM or so. We woke up at 7:00 AM to see sunrise, but the sun is not visible from where we’re staying! There are so many tall buildings that to see sunrise is impossible. I wanted to start my sun gazing routine today but we made it outside only to find that the sun was not there. Even from the roof it’s not visible here! For those who don’t know, going on the roof of a house is common-place in India. Houses have flat roofs for that purpose only! I guess I will only start sun gazing when I get out of here. I went with Kunwar Bhaiya (the servant at my uncle’s house) to the Mother Dairy market to get milk and eggs. It was so cold! But not quite as cold as Chicago… There is no snow here, but it gets down to 4 or 5ÂșC. Yesterday was the coldest day in Noida in 5 years, and the next few days are supposed to be even colder. I guess we brought Chicago with us! More later…

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