Saturday, December 29, 2007

Adventure 1: 543 Gateshead Drive, Naperville, Illinois, USA to D-103, Sector 40, Noida, India

Interestingly, I am in the airplane right now. Of course, I am writing this in Word, because there is no internet at such an altitude… [The timestamp on this particular entry is correct though, I changed it to match what it was in the plane.]


The current time in Chicago is 3:10 AM.

The current time where I am, which is somewhere over Finland, is 10:10 AM.

The current time in New Delhi is 2:40 PM.

The estimated arrival time is 9:33 PM in Delhi, which is about 3592 miles away still.

The airplane is at an altitude of 37000 feet, with a ground speed of approximately 610 mph.

It’s -77ºF outside.


We’re more than halfway there! The trip to the airport was amazingly quick; there was no traffic outside… And in the airport itself, there was no line. But the airplane managed to be full anyways. I wonder how that works? We’ve been in the plane for around 8 hours now. But still around 7 hours left to go. For a while I fell asleep in the beginning, but then I started to read my book, Banaras: City of Light, for a while – it is so interesting! But since the print is really small, I got through maybe 30 pages (it is almost like a textbook when it comes to the time it takes to read one page) and then set it down. It’s light outside; but the airhostesses won’t let anyone fully open their windows for more than a second or two because everyone is sleeping. I will update more about Adventure 1 when I get to my destination! So far, so good.

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